Lucy Bell

Artist of many mediums 

and mistress of none!

I have been working in the creative world for pretty much my whole life.

I trained at the age of 19 as furniture designer and maker. Since then I have meandered around the creative world dipping in to different things!



I have dipped my toes into printing, illustration, ceramics, collage, paper lamination, graphic design, textiles and fine art and probably a few  I can't remember.


With a mixture of self taught skills, training and lots of experimentation, I feel I have developed my skills and style.


 I love social history and like to make pieces that are contemporary to age into a piece of social history. 

Art I think should tell a story whether it's an illustration or an abstract piece.

I like to use old music scores and other found bits in my art for the same reason, I feel it helps to give a depth to the narrative of the work.


My creative ideas come from my random thoughts! 

I sometimes rush things which means I need to do them more than once. I get bored of doing the same thing for too long. I like to learn things by doing it, rather than being taught which means learning new things sometimes take a little longer.

I tend to learn a little and run with it.

I like to share my love of being creative with others which is why I facilitate art and craft workshops, this also allows me to me to revisit things I have done in the past. 


Good stuff about me!

I am very visual and imaginative and able to see compositions in my head from descriptions. I can compose a picture with confidence and am able to use colour well. I am generally a happy person delighted to be alive and find joy in the smallest of things.

My creative ideas come from my random thoughts.



Thank you for taking
the time to read


In June 2021 I started work at our local woman's centre. A big part of the job is running creative workshops for our ladies, this is very different as there is mixture of abilities and needs within the groups but is immensely rewarding, as is working with unpaid careers, another art session I facilitate every other week.

As well as this I have recently opened a shop with a friend, also an artist. The shop is called Finch & bell, you can find us on social media. 

2010 - present
2010 - present