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Lucy Bell

Artist: My story is not a novel but rather collection of short stories! 

I have been working in the creative world for pretty much my whole life.

I trained at the age of 19 as furniture designer and maker. Since then I have meandered around being creative dipping in to different things and learning wide range of skills.

In the last few years have enjoyed passing on those skills in workshops. My main aim within the sessions I run is to inspire and give people the confidence to have ago and believe in them selves. I have a little bit of knowledge of a lot of things and I have built up my artistic confidence over the years, I get enjoyment from enabling others to do the same.



I have dipped my toes into printing, illustration, ceramics, collage, paper lamination, graphic design, textiles and fine art and probably a few mediums I can't remember.


With a mixture of self taught skills, training and lots of experimentation, I feel I have developed my skills and style.

 I love social history and like to make pieces that are contemporary to age into a piece of social history. 

Art I think should tell a story whether it's an illustration or an abstract piece.

I like to use old music scores and other found bits in my art for the same reason, I feel it helps to give a depth to the narrative of the work.


I am generally a happy person delighted to be alive and find joy in the smallest of things.

My creative ideas come from my random thoughts and experiences. 

I love to meet new people and spend time with them as well as good friends, but also i like to spend time alone.

I like to nurture people and encourage them to find their creativity.

I believe in kindness and communication.

Saying thank you and giving compliments when I like something.



I learn by doing things, experimenting with ideas. 

A lot of my work involved a process of experimentation. I need this freedom to learn

I think this is why I like to nurture others and guid them on their artistic journey

Being dyslexic I understand how it is to be made to feel you are no good at something and struggle to learn in an expected way.


Thank you for taking
the time to read


2010 - present
2010 - present
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