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I have been making  souvenirs for over 10 Years.

I started as I hated that almost souvenirs are made in China out of plastic and are massed produced with little relevance to the place where they are purchased.

Magnets are collected all over the world, with the majority being plastic or resin.

My mission was to produce a quality affordable product, created where it was bought, using quality more eco friendly materials.

If you purchase a Seabell souvenir, you know it has been designed and made on the Isle of Wight.

My wooden rounds used for my magnets are sourced from Poland, after much scouting in the UK for a reliable source of quality wood, Poland was the closest place to import from.

The stamps used are designed by my self and made with eco rubber in the Uk. I use a high quality ink to hand stamp each magnet. They are then hand painted.

For more pictures see my face book page 'Seabell' 

Trade price per unit is £2 with a RRP of £4.

Minimum order 0f 40 units, made up of your

choice of designs. 

The cream tea design is slightly more if it is the only design purchased in this instance it is £2.50 per magnet. if it makes up a quarter or less of an order it goes down to £2 like the others.

I can create bespoke magnets designs on request. Magnet design and set up is £75 per design.



I am based in my Studio at Monkton Arts in Ryde. I am an Artist but love to create a nice product as well as inspire people in their artistic journeys.

I believe everyone deserves something beautiful and everyone needs amore eco friendly option.

I hope my bespoke hand created artisa souviners  are that little something lovely that people can afford to take home as a memory of their holiday or to gift as a souvenir they know was made locally by hand.

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