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There are so many creative things I love to do. Sketching, collage, printing are probably my top three.

I love to pass on the skills for others to enjoy these also.
Often it is confidence that holds people back. 
In my workshops I aim to increase confidence in a friendly non judgmental setting. I like to nurture peoples ability by
providing skills and practise.
My focus is improving confidence & enabling people to be creative in their own way.
In my groups I hope friendships are made, laughs are had and a feeling of achievement and time out is had.

Most of my workshops are held in my Studio at Monkton Arts.
My studio is light and can host 7 people which means groups are small and friendly. 
I have all art materials on hand for people to use
if they don't have their own.
It's important to me to make my groups financially accessible so I try to keep my prices as low as I am able.
sessions start from £6 for on going weekly clubs such as
Lucys Sketch club.


I am very happy to do one off workshops and have experience working will all levels of ability and all sorts of people.



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