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2020 was not kind to the ‘people people’ - lockdown closed our businesses and took away our daily routine and for a short while things looked bleak. We turned towards the Sea to meet , exercise and reinvent our work. I bought two beautiful pictures for friends and colleagues who shared the vision and swopped the pool for the sea. A gift to say thank you to good friends and awesome colleagues. 

Lucy Bell Art provided a unique and much treasured gift as a reminder of this time.

I have had an emotional moment thanks to you Lucy. What an amazing gift from my lovely and thoughtful family. One to treasure. Thank you Lucy. You are brilliant..

stunning art work from Lucy

Thank you Lucy for the beautiful picture you did of me and my lovely little girl. It’s titled Bournemouth Beach 1977. I found it really moving.

Today I received 2 wonderful watercolours as a present from a friend. They are stunning and captured me and my love for the Sea perfectly. They make my heart smile every time I look at them.

Such a talented artist.



Lucy has a distinctive style which is reflected in the vast range of pieces that she produces. Whether they spring from her constant observation of the natural world around her, or her many imaginative pieces, her work always engages me. Lucy has more than fulfilled a couple of requests that I gave her for paintings of special people and moments in this last year.

I asked Lucy to do a commission for me. It was for a Christmas present for my sister and her husband. Their favourite beach is Yaverland and they miss their dog deeply. Because of covid I was unable to meet with Lucy so she managed to achieve this beautiful picture via photos being sent over the Internet. My sister cried with happiness when she opened this. I also purchased one of Lucy's surprise boxes for my friend of 32 years. She absolutely loved every bit that was on their and daily tells me how lucky she is. I would totally recommend Lucy to everyone who wants something super special xxx

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