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Shelf Buddy Commissions

This is a sample of Buddies I made last year.

Each Buddy is handmade using
 Earthenware clay.
I use 
earthenware as my items are decorative and unlike Porcelain it has allowed firing temperature which means using less power which is better for the environment.

I mostly use hand stained slip to decoarte

Each Buddy has two firings in the kiln..  

Prices start from £18


family portrait


A commission made for a friend to gift a friend.


Requiement. Purple hair, blue dry robe and a camera.


Requirement. Purple robe, bobble hat ( as in picture I was sent) Cake and mug of Coco.

commission bits and bobs

Little bits that went with a commission

Artist buddy

Run and Fly dungarees, paints, pallet. sketchbook, flask and brushes.

sewing buddy-2F76470E7F4E

Sewing Buddy

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